Printmaking with Asemic Writing by Jacqueline Sullivan - Gel Press

Printmaking with Asemic Writing by Jacqueline Sullivan



Jacqueline loves using a Fine Line applicator tool for Asemic writing! And this is a great way to add it to your printmaking, by applying the writing first, with masking fluid; and then applying your Gel Press over the top of the prepared printing paper.

The 12×14 Gel Press Plate is loaded up with three colors of paint in an ombre fashion, using the brayer to minimize the breaks between the colors.

Then the Impressables Overlapping Circles is applied like a stamp, lightly to remove and place marks from and onto different areas of the 12×14 Gel Press plate. Most of the mark-making is done below the horizon line, where dark meets light.

If you can’t fix it, feature it.

Seeing the marks in the middle of her print, Jacqueline decided to follow her own mantra and make them an integral part of the print.

Work in threes with your accents. At first Jacqueline intended to put the row of 3″ squares from Petite Set A along the side, but instead she put them down the center to work with the unintentional marks in the print and make it come together. A foam stamp was used to remove paint from portions of the plate before printing, overlapping the edges of the square. She used the Petite Square like a stamp, reloading it with paint for each print.

Unify the squares with connecting imagery. Jacqueline used a foam stamp, with Teal-colored paint to connect the printed squares. This was applied directly to the printed paper.

Here is a closeup detail of the asemic writing that was masked off and then revealed under the printing work.


Jacqueline Sullivan

Jacqueline Sullivan - Working Artist for Gel Press