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7 x 7 Repeating Circles Rubber Stamp

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Circle Pattern Rubber Stamp

The 7 x 7 Circles Rubber Stamp from Gel Press Impressables is a must-have for any crafter or artist. This stamp features an embossed repeating circle design on the gel surface, making it perfect for detailed printing and stamping. Use it to create layered patterns on paper, enhance your printmaking projects, add texture to fabric designs, or even create unique home decor pieces.

- DETAILED DESIGN - The repeating circle design on this rubber stamp creates intricate and detailed prints every time. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your projects.

- MULTIPURPOSE USE - Whether you're into paper crafting, printmaking, fabric design, or home decor, this stamp is versatile enough to be used in all these areas. Get creative and make unique masterpieces with ease!

-HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Made with high-quality materials, this rubber stamp is durable and long-lasting. The gel surface ensures that each impression comes out clean and crisp every time.

Large Rubber Stamp Features

-Sturdy rubber construction ensures long-lasting use

-Perfect for creating repetitive patterns on paper, fabric, and more

-Easy to clean with soap and water

    7 x 7 Repeating Circles Impressable - Gel Press
    7 x 7 Repeating Circles Impressable - Gel Press
    7 x 7 Repeating Circles Impressable - Gel Press

    We know gel & not all gels are created equal.

    • Super sensitive surface

      Captures more texture and details

    • Easy to use and clean

      Container included for easy storage

    • Gel is made in the USA

      Non-Toxic, Vegan, Latex & Cruelty Free

    • Versatile Gel Plates can be used with a variety of media ink and paint
    • Reusable gel plate can be cleaned easily
    • All Gel Press plates can be used with a 4 or 6 inch brayer

    Customer Reviews

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    Just got my hands on the 7 x 7 Repeating Circles Rubber Stamp from Gel Press Impressables, and I'm super impressed! This stamp is like the Swiss Army knife of crafting tools. The repeating circle design is just so detailed, it adds an elegant touch to any project. Whether I'm working on paper crafts, printmaking, fabric design, or even jazzing up some home decor, this stamp is a game-changer. It's made from high-quality materials, so it's durable and gives a clean, crisp impression every time. Plus, it's a breeze to clean with just soap and water.

    The gel surface is super sensitive, capturing more texture and details, which is a real plus for detailed work. And it's made in the USA, non-toxic, vegan, latex, and cruelty-free, which ticks all the right boxes for me. The sturdy rubber construction means it's built to last, and I love that it comes with a container for easy storage.

    The price is pretty reasonable too, especially considering the quality and versatility. It's a great addition to my crafting arsenal, and I've already started brainstorming all the projects I can use it for. If you're into crafting or looking to add some texture to your art projects, this stamp is definitely worth checking out.Found a great deal on it through a community that's all about coupons, and it's a steal there:

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