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12 x 14 Gel Printing Plate

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Our Largest Monoprinting Plate!

Take your printing game to the next level with our 12x14 Gel Printing Plate. This large surface is perfect for various printing forms, including textiles, surface design, and fabric printing. With the ability to divide the plate into different colorways using painter's tape, you have even more creative control over your designs.

- VERSATILE PRINTING SURFACE - The 12x14 size of this gel printing plate makes it perfect for all kinds of printing projects. Use it for textiles, surface design, fabric printing, or large format prints - the possibilities are endless!

- EASY TO USE - Apply ink or paint to the plate and press your desired object onto it to create unique and intricate designs. The smooth surface ensures clean and crisp prints every time.

- DIVIDABLE WITH PAINTER'S TAPE - Want to create a two-toned or multi-colored print? No problem! Use painter's tape to divide the big gel plate into different sections and create your custom colorways.

12 x 14 Gel Printing Plate Features

-Can be used for monoprinting and mixed media

-Ideal for creating unique and beautiful textures

-Non-toxic gel printing plate is safe to use

    12 x 14 Plate - Gel Press
    12 x 14 Plate - Gel Press
    12 x 14 Plate - Gel Press

    We know gel & not all gels are created equal.

    • Super sensitive surface

      Captures more texture and details

    • Easy to use and clean

      Container included for easy storage

    • Gel is made in the USA

      Non-Toxic, Vegan, Latex & Cruelty Free

    • Versatile Gel Plates can be used with a variety of media ink and paint
    • Reusable gel plate can be cleaned easily
    • All Gel Press plates can be used with a 4 or 6 inch brayer
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