Art is more than paint deep.

It has the power to change, heal and find true community. Through art, we learn to trust ourselves and others in new and powerful ways while raising awareness and encouraging understanding. Whether you find your well-being through faith or other forms of connection, our Faith Impressions line and our Awareness line are collections designed to be part of your creative journey.

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Elevate Your Art With Gel Press Monoprinting Plates

Ever wanted to create unique, one-of-a-kind prints without a giant press?

Gel Printing Plates from Gel Press make printmaking accessible and fun for everyone! Our reusable gel plates act as a fantastic medium for creating beautiful monoprints using a variety of techniques:

Easy Application: Simply apply paint, stencils, or other textures to the plate's surface and press your paper to create a stunning, mirrored image.

Endless Possibilities: Experiment with acrylic paints, inks, stamps, and other materials to produce unique effects.

Reusable and Clean-up Friendly: Gel Plates are built to last, and clean up with just soap and water.

Perfect for All Skill Levels: Beginners can have fun creating unique prints, while experienced artists will love the creative freedom and endless possibilities.

Gel Press offers a variety of Gel Printing Plates in different sizes to suit your project needs. Explore our website to find the perfect plate to kickstart your creative journey!

In addition to Gel Plates, Gel Press offers a wide range of printmaking supplies, including stencils, rollers, and more.

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