Overcoming Fear by By Carisa Zglobicki - Gel Press

Overcoming Fear by By Carisa Zglobicki

Hi everyone! I’m Carisa and I am super excited to be working with the new Gel Press Faith Impressions Kit  designed by my friend, Keri Sallee! When she first asked me, I was honored but thought…why me?! I had to really pray about it and ask the Lord if this was where He wanted me. You see, while we are just getting started here in September, I think it was months ago when she asked and I just had a newborn! That newborn is now 10 months old and more of a handful NOW than she was then. LOL This wasn’t the first time a faith-based opportunity had presented itself to me either…and I had turned down others. I figured the Lord was going to keep asking and maybe this is where He wants me to be. You see, I don’t often take the time in my bible other than our morning time before we get the lessons started and stuff like that. So, I graciously accepted Keri and Gel Press’ offer and here I am.

I’m actually excited to see where the Lord takes me on this journey and I hope you will come along with me! For my first bible page, I was going through the devotional that comes in the kit and Day 3 was just like lightbulbs turning on everywhere. I knew that is where I wanted to start. I talk a little bit in my video but I’ll just say it right here, fear is a stronghold in my life…I won’t go into the nitty gritty, many WAYS it is a stronghold but I think any time we can get ourselves into the word to face those areas in our lives is a good thing.

Besides, maybe you are afraid of doing this kind of art in your bibles? I know I used to have that hesitation myself. Let me tell you – don’t be afraid. Think of your separate journaling bibles as special places to bond with the Lord over the word, with your art that you were created to do by the creator! You can see in this page, I did some stenciling over the watercolor background I did using the Gel Press that says Listen over and over and over. I highlighted one of the words because in the verse it says “I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” {Psalm 34:4} Yes, so I wanted that listen in bold for me when I turn to look at this page later on.

I also stamped No Fear right next to that verse to remind me what I was thinking about while I created this page. That’s the thing for me when I’m working in a bible page…the entire time (much like when I’m working in my art journals) that verse or verses will be repeating over and over in my head. In fact, by the end, often I can have it memorized…but don’t tell my kids that, they would LOVE to quiz me, I’m sure. haha

On top of the DecoArt media sprays I used for my background which I love, I was also able to do a lot of mark making on top with different acrylic paints. That’s the great thing about those sprays because they are acrylic sprays, they are permanent when dry.

Thanks so much for having me. I will see you next time!