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4" Round Gel Printing Plate

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Circle Gel Plates for Printing

Level up your crafting and art projects with our 4" Round Gel Plate Printing! Perfect for creating multi-layered and overlapping designs, this round plate is also great for adding focal points to cards and art journal pages. Use it for image transfer device for smaller images or as a palette for mixing colors.

- VERSATILE USE - This 4" round gel plate is perfect for a variety of crafting and art projects. Use it to create multi-layered designs, add focal points to cards and journals, or even as an inkjet image transfer device.

- HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made with high-quality gel material, this plate ensures smooth and even application of paint or ink on your projects. It's also durable and easy to clean.

- PERFECT FOR SMALLER IMAGES - Measuring only 4", this round gel plate is perfect for smaller images. Use it for small image transfer for precise and detailed prints.

Round Print Gel Plate Features

-4" round gel plate for easy printing

-Designed for use with paint or ink

-Raised design allows for precise impressions

-Durable construction for lasting use

    4" Round Plate - Gel Press
    4" Round Plate - Gel Press
    4" Round Plate - Gel Press

    We know gel & not all gels are created equal.

    • Super sensitive surface

      Captures more texture and details

    • Easy to use and clean

      Container included for easy storage

    • Gel is made in the USA

      Non-Toxic, Vegan, Latex & Cruelty Free

    • Versatile Gel Plates can be used with a variety of media ink and paint
    • Reusable gel plate can be cleaned easily
    • All Gel Press plates can be used with a 4 or 6 inch brayer
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