20 Indoor Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

20 Indoor Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Key Highlights

  • On rainy days, indoor crafts are a fantastic method to keep young creators occupied.
  • There are 20 arts and crafts projects that suit children of all ages perfectly.
  • With options ranging from crafting with homemade playdough to making animals out of paper plates, there's something appealing for every child.
  • These activities not only offer fun but also allow kids to showcase their creativity and pick up new abilities.
  • Engaging in these artistic endeavors is an excellent activity that entertains while educating youngsters at the same time.
  • It presents a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy themselves indoors while producing something lovely.


Looking for something fun to do with your little artists on rainy days? You've come to the right place! In our blog, we're sharing 20 awesome indoor arts and crafts projects that kids of all ages will love. Whether you have tiny tots who enjoy making a bit of a mess or older children looking for more complex activities, there's plenty here for everyone.

On rainy days, finding ways to keep the kiddos entertained can be tough. However, these indoor crafts offer a fantastic solution by turning those dreary afternoons into exciting creative adventures. Not only are they an excellent way for kids to stay occupied, but they also allow them to show off their creativity, pick up new skills, and make some pretty cool stuff. Check out these 20 indoor arts and crafts projects for kids from Kids Activities Blog to keep your little ones busy and happy!

We've got everything from easy-to-make homemade playdough creations to adorable paper plate animals lined up. These projects are not just engaging; they're educational too and super simple to get started with since most require items you probably already have lying around at home. So whether it's something quick you need or an activity that's a bit more hands-on, we’ve got tons of ideas waiting for you.

So grab your art supplies and let’s dive into this creative journey with your young ones! With these indoor arts and crafts projects ready, you’re set for hours of entertainment and quality family time.

20 Creative Indoor Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Let's jump into these 20 fun arts and crafts ideas you can do inside. They're great for kids of all ages, covering lots of different hobbies and abilities. From painting to sculpting, or even playing with paper and indoor games, there's definitely something here that will grab your child's attention. So, prepare to get creative and enjoy some quality time!

1. Homemade Playdough Creations

Making your playdough at home is a great way to keep little kids busy for quite some time. It's not just about having fun; it also helps with their sense of touch and boosts their imagination. For this, you'll need simple things like flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, and some food coloring. Just mix these up and cook them on medium heat until you get a doughy texture. After letting the playdough cool down a bit, your little artists can start using tools like cookie cutters and rolling pins to shape whatever they fancy - from pretend food items to animals or even unique sculptures! With homemade play dough in hand, there are no limits to what they can create. So, try out this DIY playdough recipe and let your kids unleash their creativity and have fun!

2. Paper Plate Animals

Making animal crafts with paper plates is a super fun activity for younger kids. You just need some basic supplies like paper plates, colored construction paper, scissors, gel plates, and glue. Begin by cutting shapes out of the construction paper to make parts like ears and eyes. Next, let your little artists get creative as they turn these plain plates into their favorite animals using whatever materials they have around - think googly eyes or feathers to bring their creations alive! It's an easy way for them to learn about different animals while improving skills that involve using their hands carefully.

3. DIY Friendship Bracelets

Making friendship bracelets is a timeless activity that always stays in fashion. It's not just a great way to have fun, but it also lets older kids show off their creative side and tell their friends they matter. For this craft, you'll need some embroidery floss or yarn in various colors and sewing supplies. With techniques like braiding, knotting, or weaving at your disposal, your older kids can play around with different styles and patterns to make one-of-a-kind friendship bracelets for themselves and others. This project isn't only enjoyable; it helps improve fine motor skills while building friendships and bringing people together.

4. Watercolor Coffee Filter Art

Making art with watercolor on coffee filters is a fun and cheap way to keep kids busy for hours. You just need some coffee filters, gel plates, watercolors, and a brush. To start off, spread the coffee filters out flat and let your little artists paint whatever they like on them. As they paint, the colors mix right there on the filter paper making cool and one-of-a-kind patterns. It's especially good for younger kids because it lets them play around with different colors and see how they come together. This little project is not only much fun but also something you can easily pick up supplies for at the dollar store.

5. Recycled Bottle Cap Art

Using recycled bottle cap art is a great way to show kids the importance of recycling and at the same time, spark their creativity. By gathering caps from drinks like soda or milk, you can let your little artists have fun arranging them into various patterns or making pictures with them. The best part about this activity is that it's not just enjoyable but also eco-friendly. It helps in giving new life to items that would otherwise be thrown away. So, start collecting those bottle caps and prepare for some frugal fun as you dive into this creative project together.

6. Beaded Wind Chimes

Making beaded wind chimes is a fantastic activity for little artists who love to create with their hands. You'll need some basic materials like wire, beads, and a stick or branch you find outside. Start by cutting the wire into various lengths. Then, let your little artists thread the beads onto these wires. They can mix and match colors or arrange them in special patterns to make their wind chime stand out. After all the beads are on, tie each piece of wired beads to your chosen stick or branch. Hang this creation outdoors where it can catch the breeze. The gentle sound it makes when the wind blows will surely bring joy to your little artists' hearts and give them a real sense of pride in what they've made—a truly great activity that sparks creativity.

7. Salt Painting Projects

Making art with salt is a simple method to whip up some vibrant and one-of-a-kind pieces. You just need paper, glue, salt, and watercolor paints for this project. Begin by sketching out your design or image on the paper using the glue. Next up, cover the glued areas with salt and wait for it to dry completely. After drying, your little artists get to play around by painting over the salty surface with watercolors. The cool part? The salt soaks up the paint resulting in a textured look that's both colorful and eye-catching. It's an easy way for kids to explore mixing colors while creating stunning artwork from stuff they already have lying around at home.

8. Clay Pottery Making

Clay pottery making is a real thing that kids can enjoy right at home. Working with clay allows kids to express their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. There are various types of clay available, such as air-dry clay or oven-bake clay, which can be easily found at craft stores or online. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to making clay pottery:

  1. Start by kneading the clay to soften it and make it more pliable. This will make it easier to work with and shape.
  2. Once the clay is soft, roll it into a ball and use your hands or a rolling pin to flatten it into a desired shape, such as a bowl or a vase.
  3. Use various tools, such as wooden skewers or toothpicks, to create designs or patterns on the clay.
  4. Let the clay dry according to the instructions on the package. This can take several hours or overnight, depending on the type of clay you're using.
  5. Once the clay is dry, you can paint it with acrylic paints or decorate it using other materials, such as beads or buttons.

Clay pottery making is a great activity for kids of all ages. It allows them to explore their creativity and create something beautiful that they can be proud of. Plus, it's a fun way to spend time together as a family and learn new skills.

Step 1

Knead the clay to soften it and make it more pliable

Step 2

Roll the clay into a ball and flatten it into a desired shape

Step 3

Use tools to create designs or patterns on the clay

Step 4

Let the clay dry according to the instructions

Step 5

Paint or decorate the clay once it is dry

9. Button Trees Canvas

Making a button trees canvas is all about mixing painting with the fun of using buttons. You'll need some basic things: a plain canvas, acrylic paints, and lots of buttons in various colors and sizes. With these at hand, start by covering your canvas with one color to set the background. After that's done, grab a tinier brush to add to the tree trunk and its branches. When you've let that paint dry completely, it's time for the exciting part - gluing on your collection of buttons to bring out the leaves on your tree. Feel free to play around with different shades or even mix up colors for an eye-catching look! This project isn't just entertaining; it gives kids a chance to blend textures creatively and come up with something truly their own.

10. Tissue Paper Flowers

Making flowers out of tissue paper is a simple way to bring some color into any room. You just need different colored tissue papers, gel plates, scissors, and pipe cleaners. Begin by cutting the tissue paper into squares or rectangles. After that, fold the tissue paper back and forth like an accordion from one end to another. When you've finished folding it, wrap a pipe cleaner around the center to keep everything in place. Then gently pull apart each layer of the tissue paper to form your flower's petals. This activity isn't just fun; it's also super easy for kids no matter their age! They can either make a single flower or put together several flowers for a colorful bouquet that could cheer up their space or be given away as presents.

11. Handmade Bookmarks

For kids who adore diving into books, crafting their bookmarks is a fantastic activity. It lets them add a personal touch to their reading experience and makes it even more fun. Here's how they can do it:

  • With colored cardstock or construction paper, cut out various shapes and jazz them up with a gel plate and paint.
  • By using yarn, fashion tassels that dangle from the bookmark's end.
  • To ensure these bookmarks last longer and withstand wear and tear, laminating them is a smart move.
  • Sprinkling inspirational or motivational quotes on the bookmarks could boost the eagerness to read.

Creating handmade bookmarks offers children an enjoyable outlet to showcase their affection for reading while making something practical for everyday use.

12. Ice Cream Stick Photo Frames

Making photo frames out of ice cream sticks is a fun little project for kids who want to show off their favorite pictures. They'll need some basic supplies like ice cream sticks, glue, and either paint or markers to make it colorful. To start, they should lay the sticks in a square or rectangle and use glue at the corners to hold them together. After letting the frame dry, these little artists can get creative by painting or decorating it any way they wish. Adding names, stickers, or other cool stuff makes each photo frame special and one-of-a-kind. Then comes the best part: putting their chosen picture inside and finding the perfect spot on a desk or shelf for everyone to see what they've made.

13. Pasta Jewelry Necklaces

Making necklaces out of pasta is a super easy way for kids to show off their creative side and craft something truly unique. All they need are some pieces of pasta, a bit of string, and some paint. They start by coloring the pasta in various shades and designs. After letting it dry thoroughly, they thread the painted pieces onto the string to form a necklace. By choosing from different shapes like penne, rigatoni, or macaroni, kids can come up with all sorts of cool designs that reflect their personal style. This activity isn't just fun; it's also great for building fine motor skills as children carefully put each piece of pasta on the string. Plus, in the end, they get to either wear their new fashionable creation or give it away as a special handmade gift.

14. Egg Carton Critters

Turn old egg cartons into cute little animals with this creative and green project. Begin by snipping the carton into separate cups, which will be the main part of your animal. Then, it's time for your kids to show off their artistic side by painting these pieces in various colors and designs. After waiting for the paint to dry, they can stick on googly eyes and use things like pipe cleaners to make parts such as eyes, antennae, wings, or tails. They might also want to draw on details like dots or lines using markers or more paint. This craft is not just about reusing stuff but also helps children tap into their creativity while improving skills that involve small movements of hands and fingers. When they're done making their critters, they can either set them up as cool decorations or play with them using their imagination.

15. Finger Puppet Theatre

To make a fun finger puppet theatre, start with some cardboard to craft a small stage. Make sure there's an opening at the bottom for your fingers to move the puppets around. With paint, markers, or stickers, you can decorate this stage and make it look really cool. Then comes the part where you help your kids create their finger puppets out of materials like felt, paper, or even old socks. They can use glue to add eyes, noses, and mouths which will bring these characters to life! After everything is set up and ready go ahead and let them put on their very own show! They might want to tell stories they've come up with themselves and act out classic fairy tales either way it’s not just loads of fun but also helps them get better at communicating and telling stories all in all spending time together during those rainy days indoors becomes something everyone looks forward too It's a truly great way keep entertained while encouraging creativity skills among children

16. Sock Puppets DIY

With a simple DIY project, you can transform old socks into cute sock puppets. Start by picking out some mismatched socks with your kids and let them pick the ones they like best. They can decorate these using markers or fabric paint to add faces, including eyes and mouths. For more fun details, they might want to glue on yarn or pieces of fabric for hair and ears. To bring the puppets to life even more, attaching buttons or pom-poms as noses with glue is a neat trick; ribbons could also be used for bows. After finishing their creations, children have the perfect props for puppet shows or imaginative playtime adventures at home! This activity isn't just entertaining—it's also a great way to boost creativity, storytelling skills, and fine motor development in young ones without spending much money since it uses things you likely already have around your house.

17. Cardboard Box Forts

Turn cardboard boxes into cool forts for lots of fun inside. Start by gathering different sizes of cardboard, like the ones you get from online shopping or packages. With scissors or a utility knife, help your kids make doors and windows in these boxes. They can then use paint, markers, or stickers to add some color and personal touches to their fort. After decorating, let them arrange the boxes however they want to build their own special fort design where they can play pretend games or even read books in a cozy spot. Making forts out of cardboard is not just entertaining but also helps with creativity, solving problems on their own, and understanding space better. It's an awesome activity for keeping children busy and happy when it's raining outside.

18. Nature Collage Suncatchers

Let's get inspired by the beauty around us and make some stunning suncatchers using bits of nature. Go on a little adventure in your backyard or around your neighborhood to gather leaves, flowers, and any other pieces of nature you find interesting. With these treasures, help your children lay them out on a piece of clear contact paper that's sticky on one side. They can have fun arranging everything into various patterns or shapes, they could even spell something out if they want! After they're happy with their creation, cover it up with another sheet of clear contact paper to keep everything in place. Cut off any extra edges but leave a small border around their masterpiece. Then hang up these natural art pieces in a window where the sun shines through; this way everyone can see how light brings colors and shapes alive! This project is not just about making something pretty; it also gives kids the chance to learn more about what grows right outside their door while sparking their imagination with our step-by-step tutorial for making nature collage suncatchers.

19. Paper Mâché Globes

Start by blowing up a small balloon, then take strips of newspaper and dip them in a mix made of flour and water. With these wet strips, cover the balloon entirely but remember to leave a little hole at the top. After covering it all up, you need to wait until everything dries out completely. When it's dry, gently pop the balloon inside and take it out from what now looks like a shell. Now comes the fun part for your kids: painting their globe with blue for all the oceans and green for the lands we call continents. They can even mark down different continents and decorate with things like mountains or well-known places around the world. This project is great because not only does it get your kids learning about places far away but also lets them practice being creative while working on how good they are at handling delicate tasks with their hands. Once done, these paper mâché globes make cool decorations that teach something or can be used as tools during study time.

20. Superhero Capes from Old T-Shirts

Turn those old t-shirts you've got lying around into awesome superhero capes, and watch your kids' imaginations soar. Start by picking out some t-shirts in various colors and sizes. Then, spread them out flat to cut the back open, getting rid of the sleeves to shape them like capes. With a little help from fabric paint, markers, or iron-on patches, your kids can get creative decorating their capes. They might want to come up with unique superhero logos or take cues from heroes they already love. Once the decoration part is done, you can use Velcro strips or safety pins to fasten these cool new capes around their necks safely. This activity isn't just fun; it's a great way for kids to learn about giving old things new life through upcycling while sparking their creativity as they pretend to be superheroes saving the day in gear they made themselves.


Get your kids involved in some fun with these 20 indoor arts and crafts ideas. They can make everything from their own playdough to superhero capes, ensuring there's a bit of joy for every kid. With these projects, they'll not only have a blast but also work on important skills like hand-eye coordination and thinking creatively. Let them dive into the world of art and craft to build wonderful memories while learning new things in a way that feels more like playing than studying. These activities are great for spending quality time together and helping their imagination fly high, all while keeping them entertained for hours on end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best arts and crafts for toddlers?

When it comes to little kids, picking arts and crafts that are safe, simple, and enjoyable is key. Great choices involve activities like finger painting and playing with sensory items in bright colors. Kids can also have fun making basic collages or discovering new textures by using playdough or clay.

How can I make arts and crafts educational for kids?

When you're getting kids into arts and crafts, it's a great idea to mix in some learning too. You could pick out themes they'll love, like animals or letters from the alphabet. This way, while they're having fun creating, they also get better at solving problems and making their fingers work precisely. Plus, it gives them a chance to be creative and show who they are through what they make.