Hey there I’m Ashley!

A creative team member for the Gel Press Faith Impressions Kit and can I just say how therapeutic Gel Press printing is, but you probably already know that if you are here!

Gel Press printing wasn’t a foreign concept to me, but I had never played with one, and now I’m hooked.

Mixed media creating is my thing, I’ve been creating mixed media pages in my journaling Bible for the past 4 years but just recently have I heard about Gel Press printing.

I want to share with you a page I did and my first ever Gel Press experience.

Come take a look at how I created my page.

I started off by using the scallop shaped gel press in the Gel Press Faith Impressions Kit.

I decided to apply it to an acyclic block for easier maneuvering.

For some reason this shape was the one that got my mind turning with creativity so I wanted to see what would result.

Waves came to mind at first.

I gessoed the Bible page using a card to swipe it on in thin layers and loaded some paint on my gel press.

What I found out is that a little bit of paint goes a long way!

I applied paint with the brayer and a paint brush.

I first started pressing onto some regular paper and since I would be using my creations in my Bible it would be too thick to use a mixed media paper.

Really you can Gel Press print on just about anything so try out lots of surfaces.

Then I moved to the rectangle block gel press in the kit to get a wider paint look


I used the brayer to layer some paint on the rectangle and then pressed that into the page a few times and repeated the process to create a wave like ocean look.

Then I had to hit it with a heat tool because there was a lot of paint on that page.

I felt like the “ocean” needed another layer so I added white paint dots to my Gel Press scallop shape by using the end of my paint brush and dipping it into the paint and dotting it onto the Gel Press.



Next I created some clouds by printing on some tracing paper and cut them out.

I found that cutting them in half and layering them gave a really cool look.

Using the tracing paper helps keep the page light and gives a 3D effect.

Remember the original paper I was printing on?

I’m going to use that sheet to stamp alphabet stickers on and create my own title with a cool background.


Just stamp leaving some space in-between the letters and then cut out the whole word and then each individual letter.

Use a glue runner to attach the letters to the page.

I also cut a small rectangle out of the printed paper to journal on and use in the title.

I wanted to give the paper some depth so I distressed the edges of the paper with some ink.

I highlighted the verse the art was inspired by and added some other fun elements from my Bible Camp bible study to the page to finish the look and tie it all together.

To finish off the page, I added my journaling around the page in the blank areas.

I’m really pleased with how this page turned out and had a lot of fun creating with the Gel Press Faith Impressions Kit.

Here is the final page.

I even filmed my first Gel Press experience! You can check it out below!

Thanks for taking the time to view my page and I look forward to creating more faith art to share with y’all!

– Ashley

A little bit about Ashley:

Ashley is married to a Church Planter in NWArkansas where they raise their 5 kiddos. Inspiring creativity and encouraging others through her lifestyle blog, she shares about family, ministry and rocking this side of heaven. Creativity is her passion and pointing others to Jesus & HIS WORD is her calling.

You can connect with Ashley on any of her social media outlets below
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