Art Journaling Magazine, Summer 2014

I am happy to share some of my journal pages and the stories behind them.

For this piece, “The Woman with a Red Balloon”, I was determined to learn how to do image transfers. I chose a journal and decided to try a transfer on every page. There are many techniques for images transfers and the results can be unpredictable. But, I like the method that uses gel medium because I like the result of a distressed image with its imperfections. Now, with a whole bunch of transfers, I challenged myself to journal in a way that enhances the ‘artsy look’.

But, when it came to writing, it had not been a good day. The day actually turned into a huge argument about whether it was appropriate to spend so much time pursuing art. It was a totally new phase in my life and my family was concerned because it was so not like me to put my time, resources and focus on creating art. The pursuit of new skills, new projects and keeping a book with me to doodle in at all times was giving me the motivation that I had lost. I don’t expect everyone to “get” what I am doing but it fulfills my needs and they can fulfill their needs in another way.

I don’t expect everyone to “get” what I am doing but it fulfills my needs and they can fulfill their needs in another way.

I can look back on it now with more experience and understand my family’s perspective at the time. However, I went to my journal with my frustrations and anger and scribbled out my thoughts on the woman’s white dress. It was not important to make my thoughts legible; sometimes it is better that I can’t go back and read what I wrote. I remember the argument had worn me out so I did not have a ton to say, but I had a few beliefs that I would not give up on no matter what others said.

The red balloon summed it up, I wrote: passion, obsession, passion. Was I obsessed in a way that was unhealthy? Or had I finally found something to be passionate about that I could pursue even when I was sick? I loved the end result of that journal page. I was extremely flattered to have my artwork featured on three magazine covers. While the magazine editors appreciated the aesthetic, for me it represented a difficult time that I processed through creating art and adding journaling.

Heather Kindt
To read more about Heather, visit her bio page.

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