I work with the wonderful people at Gel Press – Monoprinting Art Products. Quality is very important to us. There are several knock-off products. Always, when you have a good product will this be the case. But I wanted to point out what it means to be working with a company which has EXPERTISE in gel products. Gel is what we make – in many forms, including medical quality, health and wellness products in addition to the art materials range.

Yesterday I received a new product from one of the other companies. This is what it looks like – side by side and top to bottom against the Gel Press plate. The plate on the right is NOT ours. I placed it on top of a reflective surface so you could see the deformations and striations on the gel surface that are not only physically evident on the outer edges, but extend into the gel itself.

As with this sample, some of these companies make a thinner product. They use words like “slim line” but give no representation as to why it is thinner. We make our Petites thinner, because a) they can better cling to an acrylic mount, b) the designs can have sharper edges that maintain their integrity during stamping and c) they fit inside stamp positioning systems. But never in that consideration was it decided to make them cheaper to produce or sell in bulk.

The plates we sell in bulk are the SAME thickness as the plates we sell individually. They don’t come apart at the edges when taking the Mylar sheets off. They don’t rip when students work with them. With Gel Press, bulk does NOT mean less quality or product material. It only means less packaging material.

Gel Press Class Pack for Educators

Quality is very important to us. You can trust that having the Gel Press logo on our plates and the plates we make for and co-brand with Ranger Ink and Carabelle Studio are this same wonderful quality product.

Carabelle Art + Gel kits

*The comparative photograph is not edited except for a frame and a logo to identify our product. It has not been color corrected or edited in any other way.

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