Good Morning Creatives!

Keri Sallee here and it’s time for another Faithful Sunday!

Today, we are talking about promises.

Creative Things

For this project, you will need:

Acrylic Paint (red, blue, yellow and purple)

Faith Impressions by Keri Sallee for Gel Press (straight boarder plate)

Black ink


Background stamp (I used a script stamp)

White corrector pen

Black pen

Creating a Rainbow

Rather than using all 7 colors of the rainbow, I wanted to use just the primary colors (plus purple) to allow the colors to organically combine to form my rainbow.

I started with my yellow and red:

Looks like ketchup and mustard doesn’t it!? LOL

Using my brayer I allowed the colors to naturally combine. I didn’t get the real “orange” color I was going for, but I love the abstract nature!

I continued doing this with my other colors, allowing them to blend however they see fit!

TIP: Keep an extra Gel Press plate nearby to “clean” off your brayer. Rolling your brayer not only removes excess paint before you move on to your next colors, but it also creates great “junk” prints to use later!

Use your acrylic piece to flip your Faith Impressions plate over on to the margin of your bible.

Lift to reveal your rainbow!!

Finishing Touches

I wanted to reinforce our idea of “promise”, so I used Ranger’s Archival Ink in Black and an old script stamp to add to my background.

CHEAP SUPPLY ALERT: If you are ever needing an easy way to use white on your project, pick up a correction pen. This was only $1 at the dollar store!

I used it to write my title/question and then used a regular black pen to add a bit of shadow and my journaling.

To create texture on my title, I used my heat gun on it while it was still wet to cause it to bubble up.

Closing Thoughts

Promises are hard.

Well…broken promises are hard.

And sometimes, those heartaches of broken promises flow onto others who had nothing to do with that original pain.

When I was reading this passage, I started to think about how when we are kids, when something REALLY awesome is presented to us, we would always ask “Promise?!”

It was always stated as a question because we needed confirmation that this awesome THING was actually going to happen.

Then we get older and we go through the rough storms of life and we lose that child-like hope… that wonder of a “promise.”

Yes…broken promises hurt, but they do not need to lead to a permanent place of distrust.

You are worth moving on with hope and believing in promises again.

Until next time,


Keri Sallee

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