Faith Impressions Deco Art

Hello Creatives!!

I love Kate Crane.

I love Kate Crane.

I LOVE Kate Crane!!!

Who is Kate Crane and WHY do I love her?

Kate Crane is an AMAZING artist from over the pond in England that I had the privilege of meeting this past January at Creativation. She does an amazing series on the Gel Press YouTube channel called “From Print to Project” where, through the course of two videos, she shows you how to make an amazing and unique print in Video 1 and then shows you how to turn it into a beautiful project in Video 2.

This past week she released a video that ROCKED my WORLD! She figured out an amazing technique that I have been trying to perfect for years: how to make plaid using your Gel Press Plate!

Here is her amazing video show you exactly how it’s done:

How to translate plaid to Bible Journaling

Wasn’t that video amazing!? So inspiring, right?

So…how do we translate that to Bible Journaling?

You can see in Kate’s video that she uses strips of card stock (or “card” as she calls it with her adorable accent!) Because she is using a larger plate, she uses card stock that are all around 1in-1.5in wide. To translate this technique to to the margins of a Bible, I played with different sizes and found that smaller is better.

Mad For Plaid inspired by Kate Crane

You can see in the background my started plaid. Wider stripes work OK if they are going horizontal, but I found using narrower strips works better if you are working on your vertical stripes. These small strips are 1/4 in wide.

Here is my finished background. I LOVE it so much!!

Keri Sallee Faith Impressions

How fun is this? I can’t wait to play with this technique more!

Finishing Touches

I kept the finishing touches simple by adding white acrylic paint to give myself a “journaling spot” and added some black accents using a black sharpie.

Faith Impressions Deco Art

David and the coat of many colors

Final Thoughts

I decided to use this technique would be perfect with the story of David and the coat of many colors in Genesis.

As I was reading through the story, this is the thought that came to mind: They stole his coat, but they couldn’t steal his destiny.

It can be really easy to blame others for putting up roadblocks in our lives. They did this to me. They left me. They hurt my feelings. They took something from me.

But at some point in our lives…we have to make a choice of who we want to be. Sometimes we have to become who we want to be DESPITE what “they” have done to or taken from us.

I hope you will take some time this week to think about the roadblocks in your life and whether you are allowing others to keep you from your destiny.

Until Next time,


Keri Sallee


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