Keri Sallee, Contributing Artist for Gel Press

Keri has always been a lover of all things creative, from writing to art to cooking to music. Before shifting her focus to paper crafting and mixed media, she trained in music ministry and studied as a classically trained soprano. She loves pushing herself and trying to think outside the box, particularly in trying to make art fun, but still affordable.

She believes that art should be an out pouring of who you are inside. For her, that means expressing her faith as a Christian is her art, whether it’s through art or bible journaling, 3-D projects or whatever happens to be on her mind.

Artwork for Gel Press by Keri Sallee

If you ask her what her motto is in life, she would tell you she has two: (1) Picasso once said “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” Even if she feels “uninspired”, she always make the choice to go into her studio and just play. Sometimes it works out…sometimes it doesn’t, but she feels she would never know either way, unless she gets her hands dirty. (2) Genesis 1:1 starts out “In the beginning GOD CREATED….” This verse is actually her newest tattoo on her right wrist. It is her constant reminder that she can only do what she does, because God FIRST created her and her gentle nudge to leave her pride at the door.

For the past 11 years she has lived in Northwest Arkansas with her hot-redheaded hubby of almost 15 years, Kendall, and 3 crazy kiddos: KJ (age 13), Kylee (age 9) and Khloe (7.) {Do you see the pattern? Yes…they all start with a “K”!}

You can find out more about Keri Sallee at and follow her on her social media sites, listed below:

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