Gel Press® plates are not just for paper.  They work on lots of different surfaces.  I’ve used burlap to create texture on the plate but never as the substrate itself.  I noticed how well burlap took the paint and decided I would use the Gel Press® Petite shapes to create unique embellishments.  I also decided that embroidery and/or needlepoint, beads, sequins and other sundries would be perfectly suited for these embellishments.

Burlap Hexagon Embellishment with Gel Press


Gel Press Petites



Mount the Gel Press® oval, rectangle and hexagon shapes onto acrylic blocks.  The petite shapes are perfect for stamping.

Gel Press stamping with Petites

Gel Press Petite Shapes

Apply a small amount of thick paint, like Dylusions, to the Gel Press® shapes and brayer.  Stamp onto pieces of burlap.

Gel Press stamping petite hexagon on burlap

Use Petite Plates As Stamps

Burlap takes the paint so well and the unique shapes will make for fun embellishments.

Gel Press petites on burlap

Gel Press Hexagon On Burlap

Stamp the oval and rectangle onto burlap using different colors.

Gel Press stamping on burlap

Gel Press® Petites on Burlap

Now, I am by far not an expert on embroidery or needlepoint.  I had to research some basic techniques in order to complete this project.  But I didn’t want my limitations to stop me from trying. Besides, I want the end result to look handmade and a bit wonky. I would love to see what other creatives come up with!

Gel Press stitching over gel prints

Don’t cut the shapes out until the needlepoint is done because burlap frays so easily.  Leave a bit of an edge around the shapes to account for fraying.

 After learning a few more needlepoint techniques, I completed the three Petite shapes.

Gel Press Hexagon burlap embellishment by Kathy Adams

Hexagon Embellishment

Gel Press Petite oval burlap embellishment by Kathy Adams

Oval Embellishment

Gel Press on burlap by Kathy Adams

Rectangle Embellishment

Thank you for visiting the blog today! I hope I have inspired you to try the Gel Press® Plates on burlap. You can share your creations on our FaceBook page, Gel Press Junkies.

Kathy Adams

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