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Faithful Sunday – My Own Worst Enemy

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Good Morning Creatives!!

Keri Sallee here with another “Faithful Sunday” featuring Faith Impressions by Keri Sallee for Gel Press.

Today, we are focusing on a scripture in Psalm 18.


For today’s entry you will need:

Faith Impressions Straight Border Plate

Acrylic Paints in teal, light blue and yellow

Foam Stamp (I used a square)

Second Gel Press Plate to use as palette

Black Pen-Marabou Graphix Fineliner in .4

White Letter Stickers

Gel Press Economy Brayer

Time to Create!

To start today’s project, brayer a layer of yellow and light blue paint on to your Faith Impressions Border Plate. TIP: Use as few passes as possible so that you don’t overmix the colors.

Using your second Gel Press Plates as a palette, add your teal color and brayer a thin layer. This will be your “stamp pad” for your foam stamp.

Stamp you foam stamp into your teal and then press onto your wet light blue/yellow background on your border plate.

TIP: Clean your stamp an a scrap piece of paper between impressions to allow your darker color not to get lost in the other colors it picks up on your background.

Apply your background to your journaling bible margin or whatever project you are doing!

You can see I had a little pink left on my margin plate from another project. It added a little “POP” of contrasting color!

Now to add some more dimension!

Use a piece of paper to block off your created background, making sure the edge of your paper lines up with the edge of your piece.

Using your extra plate palette again, add drops of all three of your colors (light blue, teal and yellow.) This time DON’T mix them or brayer them. Allow the colors to naturally mix as you press your stamp into your paint. Layer your stamped image on the edge of your paper, filling in the white space.

I decided my project had too much white space, so using my border plate, I added a little of my paints, watered them down and used them to add a wash of color to my page. TIP: Test your watered down paint in a corner to make sure that you have watered it down enough to make it transparent enough not to compromise your words.

You can see I also added some “splatters” to add a cohesive feel to my background.

Finishing Touches

I kept my finishing touches simple.

I added white letter stickers and used my Marabou Graphix Liner to add a “shadow” to make it POP from my background.

Using the same pen, I underlined my verse and added a bit of journaling.

Here is a few closeups!

Closing Thoughts

When I was reading this verse, I originally read it as someone from the outside being violent towards me.

But as I thought about it more…I realized that sometimes…it’s me. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Sometimes I am the violent person that needs to be rescued from myself.

I documented that in my journaling. It says:

Sometimes that violent man is me. Beating myself us over the past. By the cross, I have been rescued and shouldn’t allow myself to be put back into captivity.

I hope today you will take the time to be rescued. Whether it’s from an outside source or whether it’s from your internal “mean girl (or guy!!)”


Until Next time…



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