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Good Morning Creatives!

Keri Sallee here and today I am so excited to share with you a little something new.

Although my Faith Impressions line for Gel Press was originally conceived to be used in bibles, I love trying to use it in new ways.

Today, I would like to share with you the first in a series of “Faith Impressions: Outside the Bible” project ideas.

Faith Impressions: Outside the Bible

Most planner margins are roughly the same width as a journaling bible margin, so my Faith Impressions shapes and border plates are PERFECT!

I am a total paper planner girl. I have tried using a digital planner, but it just does not have the satisfaction of crossing things off your list.

Although I don’t always get the chance to “pretty” it up, this week was special… it’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK!! YAY for all the March babies! (Is it a coincidence that March is also National Arts and Crafts Month? I think not! LOL)

For this project you will need:

Your planner

Ink Pads

Texture Stamp

Scalloped/Rick-Rack Edge Border Plate from my Faith Impressions line

My personal preference is the MAMBI Happy Planner Vertical – Classic size. The vertical orientation allows me to keep things organized: top block usually “scheduled” items, middle block is “to-do” list and bottom is my workout schedule.

Here are my blank pages:

Keri Sallee Faith Impressions Gel Press

The Process

The process is SUPER easy. And since we are using ink pads, you don’t have to worry about your planner paper buckling or warping.

Start by applying a layer of ink, like Archival Ink by Ranger, to the surface of your plate. I feel like the best way to do this is to flip your ink pad upside down and “press” the ink onto your plate.

Planner Decorating

Without waiting for the ink to dry, ink up a stamp with a contrasting color ink. Stamp directly onto your wet ink on your Faith Impressions border plate.

Keri Sallee Faith Impressions

Gel Press Faith Impressions Keri Sallee

Flip your border plate over and align it with your “notes’ space on your planner.

Outside the Bible Series

NOTE: I created an acrylic block for my border plates by simply going to my local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and purchasing an 8×10 sheet of acrylic for around $4. They will cut it for you to the size you need for free. 🙂

Monoprinting in Planner

As you can see, you get a BEAUTIFUL and easy border fast and without a lot of supplies! The few white spots are from where I had some plant left on my plate. I love how they give it a “distressed” look.

Planner Decorating

Here is my partially finished pages.

I repeated this technique, this time using the “rick rack” side of my Faith Impressions Double Sided border plate.

I then used the stamp I used as texture on my plate to add a more cohesive look and to fill some space.

Finishing Touches

No planner page is complete without fun stickers, good sayings and my crazy life!


Faith Impressions Keri Sallee

Happy Planner

Vertical Classic

Here is another view of the completed pages:

Keri Sallee

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed today’s project and it inspires you to think “outside the bible” with you Faith Impressions monoprinting plates.

You can find TONS of other inspirational ideas at:

Faith Impressions Facebook Page

Gel Press Facebook Page

Gel Press Instagram 

Faith Impressions on Pinterest

and on my personal pages:

The Creative Life Studios on Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time!


Keri Sallee







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