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Good Morning Creatives!

It’s time for another installment of Faith Impressions: Outside the Bible!

Today we will be playing with the Gel Press 8×10 Monoprinting Plates and the 4 shapes from my Faith Impressions line, which are the PERFECT size for ATCs!


If you have never heard of the acronym “ATC” you might be wondering what the heck I am talking about!

ATC stands for Artist (or Artistic) Trading Cards.

Simply put, they are small words of art that are about the size of a playing card.

ATCs can be a fun way to play with new techniques and to create works of art when you don’t have a lot of time.

Creating Quick Backgrounds

Whenever I create ATCs, I usually create a “series” having a similar color theme. To do so, I use a larger Gel Press Plate to create multiple backgrounds at a time with similar colors and textures, but each still having it’s own individuality.

For these backgrounds, I used my 8×10 Gel Press Plate and acrylic paint from DecoArt and Pebeo. My cards are actually precut ATC cards that I purchased, but you can easily cut your own. Traditional ATCs are 2.5in X 3.5in.


I used a mixture of my metallics to create my first layer and then “stamps” the teal into that layer with a silicon potholder (one of my favorite texture “plates!”)


To make quick work of my backgrounds, I laid out 6 blank ATC cards onto my plate.

Gel Press

Once they came off, I hit them with my heat gun to speed up the drying process and added a layer of gold ink with a sponge through a stencil.

TIP: Use a large stencil to ink all your cards at one time to speed of the process.

ATCs Faith Impressions

Adding your Faith Impressions Designs

Here’s where the fun starts!!

The Faith Impressions kit comes with 2 border plates, as well as 4 small shapes. These shapes are sized specifically to fit in the borders of journaling Bibles, but their smaller size also makes them the perfect size for these smaller projects.

I wanted to keep the “distressed” feel of my background with my shapes, so I used black acrylic paint and used gold and teal for my “accent” colors.

Here are a few steps I took:

Faith Impressions ATC

Gel Press

Adding texture can be from anything! I’ve had this wooden “dreamcatcher” sitting on my desk and I though it was a cool pattern to add.

Here is what my cards look like before I added more layers:

Keri Sallee

I love how mixing a thinner gold acrylic with a black give it that great distressed look.

Finishing Touches

For finishing touches, I added black stamps swirls, paint splatters, outlines and some Tim Holtz quote stickers.


Finished Products!!!

ATC ATCs Faith

Closing Thoughts

I hope today has inspired you to think small!

Not every art project needs to take hours. Sometimes it’s just about taking a little “you” time to create.

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Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to see what you create!

Until Next time!

Keri Sallee




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