Keri Sallee on the go

Good Morning Creatives!

Let’s be honest. Life happens.

Kids have games. Clothes need to be folded. Houses need to be cleaned. Bacon needs to be brought home (or tofu if you don’t eat bacon!)

Sometimes there just isn’t a lot of time for creativity.

That’s one way that Faith Impressions can help you.

It’s size and shape makes it easy to transport and be able to be creative with just a few supplies anywhere…anytime.

Creating on the Go

On my social media I have an ongoing hashtag called “#whatcanicreateinmycar” (read: what can I create in my car?) where I create in the car using very few supplies.

We recently went on a little spring break trip to Memphis, which meant a 5 hour drive hanging out in a Suburban with 3 kids and my hubby, so it was a perfect time to use Faith Impressions for a little “on the go” creating.

Here’s what I came up with:

Keri Sallee on the go

I was able to create this page using just a few supplies:

Ranger Archival Ink (4 colors)

Marabu Graphix Fineliner and Art Crayon in White

Uniball White Gel Pen

Arrow Stamp

Texture Stamp

That’s it!!

3 Easy Steps to Faith Impressions on the Go

Being creative doesn’t HAVE to take a long time (although it is fun when you have the time!) I was able to spend a little creative time in the car with 3 easy steps using Faith Impressions and less than 15 minutes.

Start by gathering your supplies.

Keri Sallee On the Go

NOTE: I have this AMAZING drawing board that I purchased at a Dick Blick Art store. It looks like a giant clipboard and makes it so easy to create on the go. It is the brown background you see in the above picture.

You can also see that I have my Faith Impressions border plates mounted on a piece of acetate that I purchased at my local Lowes. It makes handling my Gel Press plates easier no matter where I am.

Step 1 is as easy as taking your ink pads and “dabbing” them on your Faith Impressions plates. Keep in mind… with this technique you will be overlaying colors directly from the ink pad, so it is best to steer clear of super light colors, as the ink on the plate might transfer to other ink pads.

You can create varying textures depending on how you overlap the ink pads and how hard you press the pads down.

Archival Ink Bible Journaling on the go

Step 2: Flip your plate over onto your surface and lightly press down. I am, of course, using my journaling bible, but you could easily use this same technique to create ATCs, planners, cards and so much more on the go.

Gel Press Archival Ink

Step 3: Finishing Touches.

Here is where you can go big, go small or anywhere in between.

Since I was creating on the go, I kept the finishing touches simple. Not to mention… intricate drawings in a moving car isn’t always the easiest! LOL

I simply:

(1) Added a little texture with my Archival Ink pad in Black and a texture stamp (see the pic below.)

(2) I drew an easy crown with my Marabu Graphix fineliner, filled it in just a little with my Marabu White Art Crayon and added some highlights with a Uniball White Gel Pen and a blue ink pen

(2) Stamped a funky arrow to point to my key verse.

Keri Sallee Faith Impressions

Final Thoughts

I hope today challenged you to think differently about creativity.

It doesn’t have to be intricate. It doesn’t have to take tons of products. It doesn’t have to ONLY happen at home.

It’s all about being strategic and thoughtful. (and of course using your Faith Impressions plates!)

Until next time!


Keri Sallee

PS… Just for giggles…here is a behind the scenes pic. Who knew that little space on console want meant for art supplies?!?! (the things my hubby has to deal with! LOL)

Faith Impressions Gel Press



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