Good Morning, Creatives!

It’s time for another Faithful Sunday with Faith Impressions by Keri Sallee for Gel Press!

When I am teaching classes, one of the first things I always hear is, “I’m not creative.”, or similarly, “I can’t draw to save my life!”. (We’re southern…we tend to be a little dramatic!)

Today, I want to show you an easy way to use your Faith Impressions plates to transfer hand-painted images to your Bible projects.

What you will need…

Any of your Faith Impressions plates or Gel Press Plates

Smooth Clear Gesso, like Finnabair Clear Gesso


India Ink (I used Black)

Small Brush

Printed page of your chosen image

Absorbent Grounds or Acrylic Paint

Watercolors, Liquid Inks (whatever you would like to use to color in your finished project)

Taking the fear out of drawing

To start, brayer a thin layer of clear gesso over your Gel Plate. It doesn’t take a lot for this technique. Your main goal is to give your India Ink something to “grab” on to.

You want to keep your gesso thin enough to be able to see your image through your plate.

For this project I chose a vine and flower pattern that I found for free online. There are so many different images you can use for this technique.

Once your layer of gesso dries position your chosen image under your plate.

Using your small brush and your India Ink, trace along the pattern.

It is so fun to see your picture take life!!

Since I knew that I was going to be using a water-based product to finish my project, I decided to use my Golden Artist Color’s Absorbent Ground to “pick up” my ink. Regular acrylic paint will also work great!

TIP: Make sure your ink is dry before adding your acrylic. If you don’t, you run the risk of making your background muddy or damaging your design.

Once you have brayered a thin layer of Absorbent Grounds or acrylic paint, flip your Faith Impressions plate onto the margins of your Bible or project of your choice.

Allow to sit for a moment, applying even pressure.

Peel your plate back.

Finishing Touches

Now…the sky is the limit! Once your paint is dry, you can choose to add color with color pencils, paint, ink or whatever you want to play with!

I decided to use Brea Reese’s Glitter Ink for this project.

I also used my glitter ink to highlight verse.

Final Thoughts

Usually when I am Bible journaling I choose my image based on a verse.

This time I fell in love with this vine/flower image on line, so I needed to find a verse about flowers.

I chose Song of Solomon 2:12 “Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come.”

Although the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs, depending on which translation) is a poetic love story, I think it can also be taken from a broader perspective.

The beginning of verse 12:2 says “See! The winter has past; the rain is over and gone.” and goes on to say about flowers appearing to bring in the season of singing.

Winter is always seen as a metaphor for sleep or death, while spring is always likened to rebirth and renewal.

The flower in this instance is the first sign of a new season…it is the first sign up HOPE.

Winter can be long and hard…literally and metaphorically.

But we should always be looking for that first flower…the first glimmer of hope that change is coming.

Sometimes that hope is external in the form of people and events and sometimes that hope is internal…a change in viewpoint or the letting go of what is weighing you down.

Find the small pieces of hope. Watch it grow. Enjoy the new season to come.



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