Good Morning Creatives!

Keri Sallee here and welcome to another Faithful Sunday!

Today, I want to give you TONS of Bible Journaling Inspiration using my Faith Impressions line for Gel Press.

I have been playing with my plates and just enjoying being creative. No agenda. No plan. Just plain being creative.

I hope you enjoy today’s projects!

Faith Impressions Mini Plates

I feel like my mini plates don’t get as much love as my border plates, so I spent some time playing with my “scalloped” circle plate.

Even though they are small…they are mighty!

Layering a stencil on top of your Faith Impressions mini plates is an easy way to add interest to your designs.

Choose what words speak to you the most and layer them over your Faith Impressions prints. I found this coordinating washi in my stash and thought it would add a great additional POP of color!

Next up in my playtime is a a product I haven’t played with a lot… Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers. These pre-filled brushes have beautifully saturated colors, but since they are watercolors, my Faith Impressions plates needed a layer of clear gesso to have something to “grip” on to.

You can see that it gives a BEAUTIFUL mixture of colors, while still allow the colors to stay true to their vibrant colors.

Border Plate Fun!!

Alcohol Inks are one of my favorite mediums to use for Bible Journaling. The permanence allows me to add whatever layers I want to and using a metallic color as my “pickup” paint, give the entire project a beautiful shimmer.

Since my project was about a “wall”, I used a brick stamp I carved to create a light texture in the my alcohol inks.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to see prints with tons of layers. The easiest way to achieve this is to lay down a single layer at a time. That’s what I did to create the background for this piece.

Doing one layer at a time also allows you do get just the right look you are looking for.


I have been playing with some other techniques that I haven’t decided what to do with just yet.

The first one is playing with alcohol inks through a stencil.

The left hand side is was done by “painting” the alcohol ink through a stencil and then applying it to a wet margin. This allows for a more “watercolor” effect.

The right hand side was done using the same stencil, but only one color of alcohol ink. Instead of “painting” it through, I dropped the red ink through the stencil and the used my brayer to fill in the stencil. Once the ink was dry, I removed my stencil and used a contrasting acrylic paint to lift my ink. My white pen made my design POP off the page!

Mix and matching the rick-rack and scalloped edges is always fun. When I was playing with a stencil on the left side, I had some paint left on the stencil that I was able to use on the right side. The design element and the color help add a sense of cohesion to the facing pages.

Closing Thoughts

Sometimes sitting down and staring at a blank page can be intimidating. The fear of “messing up your Bible” can keep you from even trying to create.

BUT…the Bible isn’t just about the pages and bindings. It’s about the words coming to life and meaning something.

Don’t let the fear of messing up a PAGE keep you from creatively diving into the word.

Until next time,



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