No they didn’t! But did I get your attention??  Kathy Adams here to share some ways to use the Gel Press Petite B Set which includes a three inch version of each above mentioned shape.

To get inspired, I made a pattern page using each shape and various rubber stamps on tracing paper.  As Pablo Picasso says, “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.”

Gel Press oval petite plate stamped by Kathy Adams

Oval Gel Press Prints on Tracing Paper

Gel Press petite hexagon stamped by Kathy Adams

Hexagon Gel Press Prints on Tracing Paper

Gel Press petite rectangle stamped by Kathy Adams

Rectangle Gel Press Prints on Tracing Paper

Gel Press petite rectangle by Kathy Adams

“Bricks” on Copy Paper

Here is what I learned by doing the above exercises:

  • Petite Gel Plates don’t need much paint.
  • Fabric makes interesting patterns on monoprints.
  • Tracing paper is perfect for collaging.
  • Hexagons make a really cool background.
  • Use the rectangle plate to make a background for a stamped sentiment or quote.
  • The oval plate makes a fun half-moon border.
  • Use the rectangle plate to make an interesting brick background.

I created an art journal page using some of these ideas.

Gel Press Home is where the Art is by Kathy Adams

Art Journal Page Using Petite Set B


Gel Press Petite Set B

Tracing or Deli Paper

Fluid Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Blocks



Rubber Stamps

Art Journal

Gel Press Petite Set B supplies


Mount the three plates onto acrylic blocks. Gather some mark-making tools, like burlap, denim, lace. rubber stamps, etc.

Gel Press texture tools by Kathy Adams

Mark-Making Tools

Brayer turquoise and white paint onto the plate.  Press the denim fabric into the plate and remove.

Gel Press stamping with Denim by Kathy Adams

Hexagon Plate

Stamp the hexagon plate onto the journal page. Repeat without cleaning the plate and adding different shades of blue with white. Alternate mark-making tools.

Gel Press petite hexagon

Creating The Background

Continue until the background is covered with hexagon shapes.

Gel Press stamping with Petite hexagon by Kathy Adams

Hexagon Background

Add more texture to the background using a script background stamp and dark blue archival ink.  Stamp randomly over the entire background. This helps to unify the background.

Stamping over Gel Press by Kathy Adams

Stamping On the Background

Add green fluid acrylic paint to the oval plate and make lines using a catalyst tool. Print half the oval along the bottom of the journal page.

Gel Press stamping backgrounds with petite oval

Adding Ovals

Add green splatters to the background using diluted green paint and a fan brush.

Gel Press background effects by Kathy Adams


To make the house, add brown and red paint to the rectangular Gel Plate® and use a brick stamp to make the pattern on the plate.  I used the triangle Gel Press® Plate from the Petite A set to make the roof.

Gel Press supplies

Make a House

Attach the house and roof to the background and embellish with black and white pens.

Gel Press house by Kathy Adams

Use the rectangle plate to create a background for the stamped sentiment.  I made several so that I could pick the one I liked the best.

Gel Press titles using Petite rectangle

Rectangle Plate for Sentiment

Use matte medium to adhere to the background.

Gel Press title block by Kathy Adams

Background for Sentiment

Add details to the house and more stamping to finish the page.

Gel Press home Art Journal page by Kathy Adams

Adding Details

I hope that I inspired you to use the Petite Gel Press Plates in fun new ways!  Thank you so much for visiting today!

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