We’ve found a better way to achieve an ‘image transfer’ from resist printing with old text and sheet music that doesn’t waste the original image and creates so much more fun in the ghost print!

Gel Press Alcohol Ink Resist Ghost Printing



Gel Press Alcohol Ink Pickup Print

Because she was printing onto old sheet music (circa 1935), the amazing happened. A ghost image had formed on the plate, left behind in alcohol ink and matte medium.

She put another thin coat of Matte Medium on top of the Gel Press plate and pulled the ghost print onto a clean piece of color copy paper.

Gel Press Alcohol Ink Ghost Resist Printing

And what printed was some of the most detailed image resist pickup print that she had ever seen. But because she had texturized the prior image with a rubber stamp, the image was distressed. You can see the faintest ghost left behind from the prior pull in the background.

One of the things she liked about this was that not only did she have a great print on the sheet music, instead of wasting it by using acrylic paint to get the resist of the music notes; since alcohol inks are transparent. But she got a resist ghost print as well. No waste.

But this got her to thinking – what if? And so she decided to try something else. This time, she put an OPAQUE metallic mixative alcohol ink (Snow Cap, by Ranger Ink) onto the Gel Press plate. She couldn’t resist texturing it a bit just to see if it released as well as its transparent counterparts – and it did. But then, after allowing it to dry for about a minute, she placed a thin coat of matte medium on top and placed old sheet music over the top. Allowing it to stay there for just a few moments (as the matte medium can adhere and be hard on old papers), she lifted it off the plate.

There on the plate, were these lovely white music notes. So once again, a thin layer of matte medium was applied and this time she printed on a very smooth, dark colored card stock. Because she intended to leave it on the plate to pickup as much of the white ink as possible, it had to be able to hold up to the removal from the plate and the Matte Medium.

Gel Press Snow Cap White Alcohol Ink Ghost Resist Printing

And here is the result.

But if you though the fun stops there – you need to understand the sequence of dry pickup printing. In the end, the first medium put onto the plate is the last medium facing out. First in – Last out. That means alcohol ink is on top. And if you want to ERASE some of the grungey/static – you can! Just use a colorless blender pen, such as made by Copic Marker. This works for solvent-based inks, such as Stazon as well.

So any pesky lines or clumps can be removed with precision.

How’s that for a fun experiment?

We suggest that you start with table of contents and less interesting text / sheet music pieces until you get the technique down. But once you do – you will love this!

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